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On the Things I Ought to Have Been Able to Do Revisited

This is an oldie that I’m bringing back again.  In this blog post, I reflected on the three things I’m good at, and why people assume I’m “high-functioning” because I am good at those things.  I scratch below the surface to point out that I am not all that “high-functioning” if we take into account the difficulties I have on a regular basis.  This is why these labels of “high” or low” functioning are useless.

There have been changes over the year since I wrote this.  I was promoted to principal, but this promotion comes with a heavy price: I can no longer find the time to do my extra job, and had to leave standardized test assessments.  The raise was minimal, and we are struggling more financially than we were last year at this time.   I was given this job because no one else would have taken it.  It is up to me to do my best to right a potentially sinking ship around for very little pay.  I am doing my best with that task, but still, I think about what I ought to have been able to do given my seeming “giftedness.”

Read on to hear more about the burdens of being supposedly “high-functioning.”

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