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What Neurotypicals Know

What is the secret that neurotypicals know about having a lifelong friendship with someone?  Today, I grapple with this question whenever someone tells me about someone they’ve been friends with since kindergarten, or how they still get together with college friends.   I think about my college roommate, my then-best friend, and wonder.

Linda was an elementary education major, but she was too honest to teach young children.  I watched her get frustrated in student teaching when the teacher told her to never admit being wrong in front of the children, and wasn’t at all surprised when she ended up working in computers, instead.  Her mother was a math teacher and a bit blunt for most people’s tastes and her father, an engineer.  Linda seemed to skate the line between “computer savvy” and “girly-girl” better than the average girl interested in computers in the early 1990’s.  While Linda had had a high school boyfriend or two and had dated a few guys during college, I was timid around boys, but bossy and demanding around women, which meant that I was hopeless whenever we (rarely) had the male of the species around our women’s college and it took a special woman to put up with me.  Linda fit the bill, and we became roommates our second year at college.

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