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They still remember the day he came home with them.  They had deliberately chosen the one who was to be his brother: orange and white and cowering in the “multi-cat room,” afraid of the other cats.  He had to be saved first.  Draper.  They had tried one or two other cats near him, but the cat seemed so afraid of everyone.  Then, it was suggested that they try Charlie, who had been surrendered when his owner could only have one cat in the new apartment.  Charlie was a blue-eyed Lynx-point Siamese and the woman had seen him and wanted him immediately, but she tried to be logical: a cat’s appearance tells one nothing about the cat, really, and so she disregarded him.  After all, a Siamese would take no time to find a loving home.  But when the worker suggested Charlie and they had him brought him out, he looked at Draper indifferently, and decided the cat room was better.  That’s when they brought both of them home.

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