About Me

What’s my story?

I live in the upper Midwest with my husband and tween-age son. All three of us are Autistic. My husband works at home doing website testing and other miscellaneous technological projects. Our son is homeschooled, led by his own self-interests which include computer programming and gaming. We live with three cats in a house with high ceilings, big windows, and within sight of the local public library.
I am a perpetual student with graduate degrees in library science, education, English (creative writing), and law. I enjoy research, writing, reading, and computer gaming, but I wasn't fit for university life since I couldn't do the university politics and, at times, academic register. I worked most exclusively in Catholic education, but have left the traditional classroom in favor of working in a multinational pharmaceutical laboratory in its training department.
I am the last person in my family to realize that that I'm Autistic. My husband and son have traditional diagnoses, but I learned that I was was Autistic through reading Neurotribes and recognizing myself in its pages as well as the blogs of other Neurodivergent women. I had my revelation in January of 2016, four months after my fortieth birthday, and began blogging in the summer of that year. After a brief haitus, the blog returned in the fall of 2017. In 2018, the blog went into another hiatus in February of 2018 to return in April 2018 due to my job hunt and departure from education.