About Me

I’m a Catholic school principal, teacher, and writer who has extensive graduate coursework in creative writing, education, and law.  I am Autistic and am married to an Autistic man and we have an Autistic son.  We live in the upper Midwest.  My views are my own, informed by research and lived experiences.

I began this blog in 2016, and took it down when I was promoted to a higher position at my workplace.  I have brought it back to serve as a resource to those who want to think about an alternative way of looking at how we educate Neurodiverse people, specifically within a Catholic framework.  We are called to be inclusive, but sometimes calls for inclusivity are led by parents who speak for Disabled people, rather than Disabled people themselves.  I hope to reframe that rhetoric: those of us with hidden disabilities have always been here, but you have not always seen us or recognized us.  You do not need to speak for us; rather, you can help by amplifying our voices.