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Calming Christmas Season

Since we’re still in the mist of the Christmas season (Catholics and Orthodox have a long Christmas season; all that stuff before the day of is Advent, not Christmas), it’s not too late to tell you how our Christmas went this year at school.

For this to make sense, you first have to know what last year was like.

My last-year principal insisted on a few things:

  1. The most important thing in the world was the Christmas show.
  2. Parents expected it, and it had better be perfect.
  3. This was her big marketing piece for the year.

Clearly this made no sense to me because

  1. Isn’t, you know, preparing for Jesus coming the most important thing right now?
  2. Aren’t parents busy trying to make Christmas perfect and in panic mode, and doesn’t this show add one more thing to that?
  3. Doesn’t marketing imply at least some people coming will, you know, not already have bought the product?

However, what did I know?

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Spoon Theory and Commerce

Uhm, this is from the archives and I forgot to bring it back.  Given how often I talk about spoons (including the one I’m writing for today, I realized, hey, I can’t link to what’s never been brought back and posted….), I thought it’s a good time to bring this one back.  Another post is forthcoming!

Shopping can be either a relief to or a heavy burden to Autistic shoppers.  On the one hand, there are the crowds and with them noise, distractions, and the constant possibility that one might have to actually engage with strangers and/or people one knows, but can’t quite place in this context.  On the other hand, a good store can be neat and orderly, with wide aisles and fantastic employees who can really save you time and money.  Some autistics love looking at the neat stacks of fruit, for example.   As such, some Autistics find pleasure in shopping while others consider it akin to entering a warzone.

Hopefully this post will help you to understand just a little bit about why it can be hard to shop with us!

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